September 6, 2010

Trampoline Springs by Trampoline Pro Shop

The springs of the trampolines are the most important parts. Spring-based trampolines are usually more durable and provide more bounce compared to their elastic band counterparts. The stronger the springs and the more the tension there is the greater bounce you can get with it.

Competitive or Performance Springs - these types of springs for the trampoline are widely used for competitions, like sports, or maybe in training. Naturally, these are heavy - duty springs and comes with a bit expensive price tag which is only natural. It lasts longer so you don't have to replace it more often. Even though it is mainly for competitive use, if you could afford it, you could always use it.

Recreational or Backyard Springs - these types of trampoline springs are commonly used in homes who think of trampolines as a past time that could offer hours of endless fun for both adults and kids alike. Most of the people how purchases trampolines want smoothing but to jump on it, perform ridiculous stunt, all for the sake of some good and clean fun. This type of spring is naturally cheaper compared to the competitive ones and because it is cheaper, it definitely doesn't last as long as the competitive counterpart.
To keep your springs working well for longer, cover up your trampoline while it's not being used. This will help protect it from the sun, rain and snow. If you do not take care of your springs now, they could end up snapping or breaking while someone is jumping away on the trampoline.

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