October 19, 2010

Trampoline Mats Tips by Trampoline Pro Shop

Trampoline Measurement Tips by Trampoline Pro Shop

When it comes to choosing trampoline mats, the most important pieces of information to have are the correct diameter of the structure, as well as your preferred mat connection method, spring size, and spring count. If you've never measured your trampoline before, you should know that round trampoline mats are sized by measuring directly across the widest part of the circle.
Measure several times, from several different sides before you decide that you've got the correct measurement. It's important to remember that you should only measure from the mat edge, never include the springs in your assessment.

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October 6, 2010

Fun Trampolines and Trampolines Parts

Trampoline Pro Shop has a great range of trampolines available for delivery throughout the UK and USA. We offer a Free Delivery service on all of our products also in USA. The trampolines are available in 15x17,8x8,15x15, 12ft, 13.5ft, 9x15, 9x17, 10x17 etc. we have exclusively offered Fun Spot ® brand trampoline parts compatible with popular brands such as JumpKing, Leisure Kingdom, Bazoongi, Sky Bouncer, Jump Pro and all others.
We have Trampoline in Round, Rectangle and Octagonal Shapes with different various Sizes.
Trampoline Pro Shop also Provides All Trampoline Parts for your trampoline. So you don't need to go anywhere you will get all Here only.
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