March 14, 2011

Trampoline Parts and Accessories by Trampoline Pro Shop

 Anyone looking for a quick and easy way to find and buy trampoline parts now has a new resource with the launch of Trampoline Pro Shop. This site carries the web’s largest variety of trampoline parts and products, including hard-to-find products and exclusive products and parts that cannot be found anywhere else.

Unlike major retailers and brick and mortar stores, Trampoline Pro Shop allows consumers to buy specific trampoline parts instead of an entirely new trampoline. Among other items, carries a wide selection of the major components of any trampoline, including trampoline pads, trampoline mats, trampoline springs and trampoline nets. The site also carries a variety of other trampoline-related items as well, including covers, games and ladders.

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March 10, 2011

Top Required Trampoline Accessories

The fun of setting up a trampoline can be quickly squashed if you discover that you have no clue what you need, or how to even set it up safely. Luckily, it is possible to get a trampoline setup without a lot of trouble, and allow yourself to really enjoy the experience that it is possible without spending a fortune. In order to get started you need to consider first what is included with the trampoline that you are looking to purchase.

Almost all trampolines at a minimum will include a Trampoline Pad; this is useful because it protects you from the springs when the trampoline is in usage. Without the pad, it is possible to get tangled up in the springs, which can result in injury, and is never a pleasant experience. If for some reason your trampoline does not include the pad, these can be purchased separately for a very reasonable price, and should always be installed before using the trampoline initially.
The second for must have trampoline accessories, especially for those families with children is an Enclosure Nets. These enclosures nets are designed to fit around the frame of the trampoline and help to ensure that children do not accidentally bounce out. By only allowing children to use a trampoline that has an appropriate enclosure net installed, you are helping to prevent injuries that could occur from falling outside of the trampoline and hitting the ground.

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