May 2, 2011

Trampoline Weather Covers by Trampoline Pro Shop

Have you recently invested in a full sized trampoline for your family? Trampolines are one of the best devices for combining fun and entertainment with cardiovascular exercise. Kids will spend hours jumping, flipping and twisting on a trampoline mat without even realizing that they're getting in their physical activity for the day! Adults too have become very fond of the trampoline as an exercise tool in the past few years, as it is one of the best low impact workouts for losing weight and strengthening core muscles. If you wonder how you ever got along without your trampoline, it's important to take steps to protect and maintain it.

One of the things that will take the worst toll on your trampoline if you store it outside is the sun. Just like with your skin, the UV rays of the sun can fade and weaken the trampoline net, which is the synthetic fabric netting that you jump on. It's important to inspect your trampoline before each use to make sure that your safety isn't jeopardized by holes, tears, or frays in the mat. If you leave your mat exposed to the sun for months at a time, it's likely that you'll start to see these damages after only a few seasons.

In order to protect your trampoline mat from the rays of the sun, it's important to purchase a trampoline cover for your structure. Before you start shopping around for trampoline accessories, it's important to take some accurate measurements of your structure. If you don't still have the original details about the height, width, and circumference (for round trampolines) of your equipment, it will be necessary to take them yourself. Make sure you work with a helper so that your measurements will be exact. Trampoline Pro Shop offers the best trampoline covers for tour trampolines, never waste your money on a trampoline cover that only says it is weather "resistant." Save your money and invest in a top of the line cover that is weather proof and will protect your mat from the sun. It's also important to consider any additional accessories that you might have installed on the trampoline for safe jumping.

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March 14, 2011

Trampoline Parts and Accessories by Trampoline Pro Shop

 Anyone looking for a quick and easy way to find and buy trampoline parts now has a new resource with the launch of Trampoline Pro Shop. This site carries the web’s largest variety of trampoline parts and products, including hard-to-find products and exclusive products and parts that cannot be found anywhere else.

Unlike major retailers and brick and mortar stores, Trampoline Pro Shop allows consumers to buy specific trampoline parts instead of an entirely new trampoline. Among other items, carries a wide selection of the major components of any trampoline, including trampoline pads, trampoline mats, trampoline springs and trampoline nets. The site also carries a variety of other trampoline-related items as well, including covers, games and ladders.

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March 10, 2011

Top Required Trampoline Accessories

The fun of setting up a trampoline can be quickly squashed if you discover that you have no clue what you need, or how to even set it up safely. Luckily, it is possible to get a trampoline setup without a lot of trouble, and allow yourself to really enjoy the experience that it is possible without spending a fortune. In order to get started you need to consider first what is included with the trampoline that you are looking to purchase.

Almost all trampolines at a minimum will include a Trampoline Pad; this is useful because it protects you from the springs when the trampoline is in usage. Without the pad, it is possible to get tangled up in the springs, which can result in injury, and is never a pleasant experience. If for some reason your trampoline does not include the pad, these can be purchased separately for a very reasonable price, and should always be installed before using the trampoline initially.
The second for must have trampoline accessories, especially for those families with children is an Enclosure Nets. These enclosures nets are designed to fit around the frame of the trampoline and help to ensure that children do not accidentally bounce out. By only allowing children to use a trampoline that has an appropriate enclosure net installed, you are helping to prevent injuries that could occur from falling outside of the trampoline and hitting the ground.

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February 28, 2011

Trampoline Enclosures Nets by Trampoline Pro Shop

A Trampoline Net adds to the safety measure of your backyard equipment. This enclosure nets are installed around the trampoline with the use of metal pipes. It has an opening to allow entry for the jumper. The trampoline net is set up to act like a cage, hence the jumpers need not worry of falling off when doing high jumps. Our trampoline net iss of high quality, weather proof, with quality stitching, and most importantly it is durable. It comes with strong galvanized support poles that are padded provide stabilization to the trampoline nets. The enclosure must be strong enough to accommodate even a heavy weight jumper.

In short, a trampoline net is certainly a good investment for your backyard equipment. This will ensure the safety of your family and everyone will enjoy bouncing on the trampoline. Nothing beats a fun and worry-free activity with the whole family.

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February 18, 2011

Is It Time To Replace Your Trampoline Springs?

As you bounce up in the air for the hundredth time, you may be wondering how your trampoline works. There are two things that work together to make you bounce. The trampoline springs and mat combine to create the proper tension to enable you to bounce when you jump. However, exactly how high you bounce depends directly on exactly how strong the springs around your trampoline's edges are.
All Trampoline Springs should pass the American Society for Testing and Material standards before they are used on a trampoline. These springs are made with a high quality piece of wire that has been made stronger through a process called galvanization. The galvanized wire is coiled and then is cut to the proper length to form springs.
With each bounce someone takes on the trampoline, stress is placed on the springs. This is why using the strongest wire available is a good idea. Even with high quality wire, the springs will weaken and stretch over time. You should take a look at your trampoline every month to be sure the springs look sturdy and are not rusty. To help keep the springs working well longer, cover the entire trampoline with a tarp when it is not in use and consider spraying the metal with WD40 or a similar anti-rust product. The reason keeping your trampoline springs in good working order is so important is that they could snap at a weakened or rusted point as someone is bouncing away on the trampoline.

February 14, 2011

Purpose of Trampoline Weather Cover – Your Structure Doesn't Need a Tan

You how you're always telling your kids not to go out into the sun for very long without applying sunscreen to their skin? You do this because you know how harmful the ultraviolet rays of the sun can be when they're allowed to beat down on your skin for hours at a time. Would you believe it if you heard that the sun's ultraviolet rays can have a similar affect on inanimate objects that you might store in your yard? If you've recently purchased a full size trampoline for your backyard, it's important to purchase a trampoline cover that will protect your investment from the damaging rays of the sun day after day.
Although it's often dismissed as a mere children's toy, it's important to treat a trampoline with respect, just like you would any other investment. High quality trampolines aren't cheap, and the last thing you want to have to do is replace your new piece of equipment after only a few months of use, simply because you left it out in the sun, and it became damaged. In addition to protecting the money you invested, proper maintenance of trampoline parts is important because it helps to keep you and your family safe while you're playing on the structure.
If you're thinking about shopping for a trampoline cover, or any other trampoline accessory for that matter, it's important to take accurate measurements of your structure first. There have been many people who tried to "eyeball" the dimensions of their square, rectangular, or circular trampoline, only to find out that they missed the mark by a few inches. Inaccurate measurements will only result in you being frustrated and possibly damaging the new cover while you're trying to force it on to the structure.
Something else you need to look for in a trampoline cover is quality weatherproofing. Stay away from those that say "water and UV resistant" as this means they're not proven to keep the elements away from the trampoline mat and pads for very long, if at all. What you want to purchase is a trampoline cover that has been deemed weather proof, and that indicates that it will block UV rays from reaching the trampoline mat. This will keep your mat from becoming faded in the sun, and will decrease the chances of the fabric developing holes, tears, or frayed edges for many years to come.

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February 9, 2011

Trampoline Replacement Parts - Keeping Your Family Safe

You don't look for trampoline replacement parts everyday. You should however look for some on a regular, scheduled basis. Trampolines can provide hours of great fun and physical exercise. Those however that are not properly maintained can also be a source of danger or injury for members of the family.
You should check the parts of your trampoline at least once a month. You might want to check it more often if you frequently use your trampoline. If you rarely use it, make sure you check every part of it before letting any family member jump on it. There are four major parts to check. These are the mat, springs, pads and frame. Some optional accessories include nets and ladders. These may also need trampoline replacement parts.

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February 3, 2011

Trampoline Mats and Replacement Mats by Trampoline Pro Shop

If you find that your Trampoline Mat is losing its stitching or the rings are coming off, then you must replace your trampoline mat. General wear will affect the quality of jumps and safety for you and the user. Sometimes you will find that the mat is referred to as a trampoline jumping bed or trampoline bed. Competitive and Olympic trampolines use a special mat that are made of extra strong fabrics. While you might be tempted to go get yourself a real Olympic trampoline, watch a video of it in action on the internet and ask yourself if you really want to be flung into the air that high. That is strictly for professionals.

When selecting your next trampoline mat, make sure to measure your old one. It is best to measure the mat with a measuring tape and to use the ring and directly opposite ring as guides. Measure starting from the edge of the trampoline mat to the opposite edge. Measure from more than one location to get accurate results. It is easiest to measure the mat when it is still attached to the trampoline. Then count the number of rings that attach to the spring. If you order with these two pieces of information, you can be more sure that you will get the correct and compatible part. If your trampoline mat gets wet, do not use the trampoline until it has been properly dried off. It is best to dry off the trampoline before the sun hits avoiding enhanced UV damage. You can keep all your trampoline parts in top shape by maintaining it well to ensure safety and fun for all users.

Stay with the basics. Pick a trampoline that follows the most common time tested functionality. Keep in mind that trampolines with enclosure poles that go through the frame cannot use universal pads and must use special pads. This can increase the cost of your ownership during the trampoline's lifetime.

Keep in mind that you will have to replace parts on the trampoline every now and then. You must keep it well maintained to help guarantee maximum safety for the jumper. Keep your trampoline well maintained and jumpers will jump more often and safely.

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January 31, 2011

Trampolines Replacement Springs by Trampoline Pro Shop

Trampoline Pro Shop's heavy-duty trampoline springs are made from galvanized wire that outlasts imported chrome trampoline springs. The premium quality of our springs stems from our direct outcome of R & D efforts focused on developing heavy-duty trampoline springs. Our entire range of trampoline springs has a resiliency that is designed for a fantastic bounce. All our trampoline springs are warranted for 2-years. It is advisable to check the springs often. The easiest way to inspect the condition of your trampoline springs is to take them in your hand and shake. The ones that are no longer good will shake with more looseness than the others.

Replace trampoline spring if the coil does not return to its normal shape when removed from frame. In general - the springs demand replacement every two to three years. Failing to replace defective trampoline springs make spring failure contagious as neighboring trampoline springs are forced to carry increased load. 

We stock recreational trampoline springs in these lengths: 4.375", 5.5", 6", 6.5", 6.75", 7", 7.25", 7.5", 8", 8.25", 8.5" and 9". We also stock a high performance 10.25" spring that is compatible with the Olympic style Eurotramp Grand Master Exclusive. If your length is not listed, please contact us for assistance. 

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January 27, 2011

Fully Enclosing Trampoline Safety Nets by Trampoline Pro Shop

A trampoline safety net can certainly be the best investment when it comes to trampoline safety and your child. There are big amounts of accidents that are caused by falling off a trampoline while jumping. These could have been avoided if the owners had a enclosure net in place. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has reported that 80% of injuries needing hospital treatment are a result of falling off a trampoline, which could have been prevented by having an enclosure net in place. And that is only accidents that were significant enough for a visit to casualty, there were undoubtedly many others which occurred that did not need medical attention but caused some distress both to children and their families.

A Trampoline Safety Net certainly adds to the safety measures of your backyard apparatus. If you don't already have a trampoline with safety enclosure, because the one you bought didn't have that option, you didn't think you needed it or a safety enclosure wasn't standard then. Don't get worried, you can still get one. And you don't have to hunt around to get an enclosure for your kind of trampoline - you just need to make sure that you size it right depending on whether you need 12ft, 13ft or 14ft circular safety net enclosures.

Injuries are more likely when more than one jumper is there, and for the person who weighs less is likely to suffer more. They are 5 times more likely to be injured because they can be easily bounced off the mat. So, instead of putting all your energy into trying to lay a rule that won't work, why not just put up a safety enclosure and know that whatever happen they and their friends won't be able to bouncing off from the trampoline.

The best trampoline enclosure should be least on adjustments to your existing frame, should have a quality safety netting (durable, weather proof and quality stitching) with strong galvanized support poles and foam padding on all support poles and most importantly it should be able to accommodate a 300 lb jumper (in case an adult gets the bouncing bug!).
Trampoline Pro Shop provides you All Trampoline Parts, Enclosures and Accessories of Superior Quality and at Best Prices. Simply measure your trampoline and place your order. That's all it takes.

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Trampoline Safety Pads by Trampoline Pro Shop

Trampolining can be a fun and healthy experience if all the safety rules are followed properly. An increase in the use of trampolines around the world by people of all age groups has resulted in an increasing number of trampoline related accidents.

People are apprehensive about purchasing a trampoline because of the risks involved. However, using the necessary safety measure will ensure that kids and adults are both well protected and out of harms way.

There are various safety devices that can be used with the trampoline to prevent any accidents. Unlike safety nets and enclosures that are bought separately as accessories, trampoline pads are a standard part of all trampolines.

A majority of trampoline related accidents occur when the jumper collides with the exposed frame or springs. This can result in scratches, bruises and even fractures. Trampoline Pads are used as a protective covering to enclose the metal frame of the trampoline. The pads are available for trampolines of all shapes and sizes, whether rectangular, square, round or octagonal. The pads not only enclose the metal frame but also the exposed springs and hooks. A good trampoline pad is made of high-density, closed-cell foam. This makes the pad shock absorbent. The pads are also resistant to moisture and mildew. A good quality pad might be more expensive than a budget purchase, but it will definitely provide greater protection and will not lose shape easily.

Trampoline pads are not restricted to the metal frame. Floor pads are also available and are used to reduce the chances of injury in the event of a person falling off the trampoline. Pads are also available for the metal support bars of a trampoline safety net or enclosure.

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January 24, 2011

Enclose Your Fun with Safety - Trampoline Enclosures

A trampoline is a device that almost everyone enjoys, since they provide tons of fun and can be an excellent toy and exercise machine. Unfortunately, falling from a trampoline is no fun. You may cause serious harm to yourself, or even worse, your children could be the ones affected. So, is there some way to protect yourself and your loved ones from these potential accidents? Yes, a trampoline enclosure is the solution for you.

Trampoline Enclosures are a Trampoline Pro Shop's specialty. Our Trampoline Enclosure Parts were manufactured by Hedstrom to fit their enclosures. However, we are confident that, with a bit of adjustment, most of these parts will work with trampolines manufactured by other brands.

Available Enclosure Parts are as follows:
Enclosure Replacement Net 
The Hedstrom trampoline enclosure replacement nets are designed to fit Hedstrom enclosures perfectly, but these nets can fit any brand of enclosure with various adjustments. The nets are woven from UV-resistant and durable polypropylene and are lined with elastic along the perimeter to ensure a snug fit. 
Sizes: These nets are available for 14-ft, 13-ft, and 12-ft round trampolines.

Enclosure Pole Foam Sleeves 
Enclosure Pole Foam Sleeves are made of mildew-resistant, high-density foam. These sleeves are 44 inches long, 1/2 inch thick, with an inside diameter of 1.5 inches. Please measure your enclosure poles carefully to ensure that you order the correct number of sleeves. These foam sleeves are easily cut to fit any length of enclosure support pole making them useful for many different enclosure brands. Colors: Blue, Black & Yellow as shown.

Enclosure Pole End Caps 
Enclosure Pole Caps are recommended for Hedstrom trampoline enclosures only. These poll caps are made of black plastic and fit snuggly atop enclosure poles. They are packaged in sets of four.

Enclosure Net Bungees 
Enclosure Net Bungees are recommended for use only with Hedstrom or NBF trampolines. They are used to attach the top of the enclosure net to the support poles. Sold in sets of 8.

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January 20, 2011

Trampoline Replacement Parts and Accessories

Replacing parts on trampolines is fairly easy if you have the correct measurements to the items that need to be replaced. It is also important to know the exact model of the trampoline and the maker. Be sure you have inspected the trampoline before you set out to order the needed parts. You can usually locate the information on the frame of the trampoline.

If you are replacing a trampoline mat you will need the exact measurements to the mat you want to replace. Trampoline provides you the easiest way that explains exactly how to take the measurements. It is critical you read the instructions very carefully so you get the correct numbers that are needed. If you are replacing springs it is critical to get the information of the exact type of springs needed since they tend to vary from one model to the next.

Trampoline covers tend to need replacing long before mats and springs do. This is due to the weather being harsh on covers. Water is also another factor that will wear out a trampoline cover quite quickly as the water causes them to deteriorate.

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January 17, 2011

Trampoline Pads- The Safer way to Jump on Trampolines

Have you been thinking about buying a trampoline for a while now, either at the request of your children, or because you've heard that it can be an easy, fun way to lose some weight? if so, then you are at right place to have Trampoline and Trampoline Parts.The important thing is to do plenty of research and spend some time comparison shopping. Just like everything else in life, you'll only get the quality of trampoline that you pay for. If you purchase a cheap trampoline from a discount department store, chances are you'll be surfing the internet for replacement parts in a few months.Trampoline Pro Shop offers you Trampoline,Trampoline Parts and Accessories in the Best quality and prices in this industry.

If repairs aren't really your thing, then it's important to think about installing accessories that will allow you to keep your trampoline in good working condition for as long as possible. This means finding a cover that will prevent your metal springs from rusting, and will keep sun and water from deteriorating your trampoline mat.

The most important trampoline parts to protect are the springs. Not only are they the only part of the trampoline that actually provides the elasticity to jump up and down on the mat, they are the only thing connecting the mat to the rest of the frame. If the springs are too weak, they could bend and stretch, ruining the buoyancy of the mat, and making it hard to get any elevation when you're jumping. If the springs are allowed to rust, they could break off while you're in mid-jump, risking a painful injury. We provides you Trampoline Pads for Round Trampolines and Rectangle Trampolines in different sizes.

Installing trampoline pads will help to protect the entire edge of the trampoline structure from the elements, essentially preventing sun, wind, and rain from damaging the springs. Another benefit of installing a trampoline pad is that your jumpers will have an easier time aiming for the center of the mat when they are high in the air or inverted while flipping. Pads are usually brightly colored, acting like a target while the jumpers are suspended. Additionally, they act as a protective covering, preventing arms and legs from slipping through the gap between the edge of the mat and the frame. When you install one of these pads, you're reducing the chance that someone can injure themselves on the trampoline.

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January 16, 2011

Trampolines Jumping Boards by Trampoline Pro Shop


It's the perfect time of the year to pack up your gear and head out for fun and excitement on the slopes. Excitement around with snowboarding and there's a wide variety of places to go for the perfect experience. Thanks to the invention of the trampoline jumping board, there's now an easy way for board sport athletes to stay in shape and learn new tricks even when the sun is shining or the lake is frozen over! Trampoline Pro Shop offers Bounce Boards, SnowboardsWakeboards and Accessories for boards competitors in this season of snow. Using a jumping board takes the sport of trampoline jumping to a whole new level, and allows intermediate athletes to become experts, even when they can' get out and ride.

If you're going to be using a trampoline jumping board on your structure, it's important to make sure that you've taken every possible precaution for safety. Even jumping straight up and down on a trampoline has some risks if you're not careful. First, the trampoline must be securely fastened to the ground so that jumping on the edge or climbing down off the structure won't trigger a tipping motion that could cause injury or damage to the frame.

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