February 28, 2011

Trampoline Enclosures Nets by Trampoline Pro Shop

A Trampoline Net adds to the safety measure of your backyard equipment. This enclosure nets are installed around the trampoline with the use of metal pipes. It has an opening to allow entry for the jumper. The trampoline net is set up to act like a cage, hence the jumpers need not worry of falling off when doing high jumps. Our trampoline net iss of high quality, weather proof, with quality stitching, and most importantly it is durable. It comes with strong galvanized support poles that are padded provide stabilization to the trampoline nets. The enclosure must be strong enough to accommodate even a heavy weight jumper.

In short, a trampoline net is certainly a good investment for your backyard equipment. This will ensure the safety of your family and everyone will enjoy bouncing on the trampoline. Nothing beats a fun and worry-free activity with the whole family.

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February 18, 2011

Is It Time To Replace Your Trampoline Springs?

As you bounce up in the air for the hundredth time, you may be wondering how your trampoline works. There are two things that work together to make you bounce. The trampoline springs and mat combine to create the proper tension to enable you to bounce when you jump. However, exactly how high you bounce depends directly on exactly how strong the springs around your trampoline's edges are.
All Trampoline Springs should pass the American Society for Testing and Material standards before they are used on a trampoline. These springs are made with a high quality piece of wire that has been made stronger through a process called galvanization. The galvanized wire is coiled and then is cut to the proper length to form springs.
With each bounce someone takes on the trampoline, stress is placed on the springs. This is why using the strongest wire available is a good idea. Even with high quality wire, the springs will weaken and stretch over time. You should take a look at your trampoline every month to be sure the springs look sturdy and are not rusty. To help keep the springs working well longer, cover the entire trampoline with a tarp when it is not in use and consider spraying the metal with WD40 or a similar anti-rust product. The reason keeping your trampoline springs in good working order is so important is that they could snap at a weakened or rusted point as someone is bouncing away on the trampoline.

February 14, 2011

Purpose of Trampoline Weather Cover – Your Structure Doesn't Need a Tan

You how you're always telling your kids not to go out into the sun for very long without applying sunscreen to their skin? You do this because you know how harmful the ultraviolet rays of the sun can be when they're allowed to beat down on your skin for hours at a time. Would you believe it if you heard that the sun's ultraviolet rays can have a similar affect on inanimate objects that you might store in your yard? If you've recently purchased a full size trampoline for your backyard, it's important to purchase a trampoline cover that will protect your investment from the damaging rays of the sun day after day.
Although it's often dismissed as a mere children's toy, it's important to treat a trampoline with respect, just like you would any other investment. High quality trampolines aren't cheap, and the last thing you want to have to do is replace your new piece of equipment after only a few months of use, simply because you left it out in the sun, and it became damaged. In addition to protecting the money you invested, proper maintenance of trampoline parts is important because it helps to keep you and your family safe while you're playing on the structure.
If you're thinking about shopping for a trampoline cover, or any other trampoline accessory for that matter, it's important to take accurate measurements of your structure first. There have been many people who tried to "eyeball" the dimensions of their square, rectangular, or circular trampoline, only to find out that they missed the mark by a few inches. Inaccurate measurements will only result in you being frustrated and possibly damaging the new cover while you're trying to force it on to the structure.
Something else you need to look for in a trampoline cover is quality weatherproofing. Stay away from those that say "water and UV resistant" as this means they're not proven to keep the elements away from the trampoline mat and pads for very long, if at all. What you want to purchase is a trampoline cover that has been deemed weather proof, and that indicates that it will block UV rays from reaching the trampoline mat. This will keep your mat from becoming faded in the sun, and will decrease the chances of the fabric developing holes, tears, or frayed edges for many years to come.

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February 9, 2011

Trampoline Replacement Parts - Keeping Your Family Safe

You don't look for trampoline replacement parts everyday. You should however look for some on a regular, scheduled basis. Trampolines can provide hours of great fun and physical exercise. Those however that are not properly maintained can also be a source of danger or injury for members of the family.
You should check the parts of your trampoline at least once a month. You might want to check it more often if you frequently use your trampoline. If you rarely use it, make sure you check every part of it before letting any family member jump on it. There are four major parts to check. These are the mat, springs, pads and frame. Some optional accessories include nets and ladders. These may also need trampoline replacement parts.

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February 3, 2011

Trampoline Mats and Replacement Mats by Trampoline Pro Shop

If you find that your Trampoline Mat is losing its stitching or the rings are coming off, then you must replace your trampoline mat. General wear will affect the quality of jumps and safety for you and the user. Sometimes you will find that the mat is referred to as a trampoline jumping bed or trampoline bed. Competitive and Olympic trampolines use a special mat that are made of extra strong fabrics. While you might be tempted to go get yourself a real Olympic trampoline, watch a video of it in action on the internet and ask yourself if you really want to be flung into the air that high. That is strictly for professionals.

When selecting your next trampoline mat, make sure to measure your old one. It is best to measure the mat with a measuring tape and to use the ring and directly opposite ring as guides. Measure starting from the edge of the trampoline mat to the opposite edge. Measure from more than one location to get accurate results. It is easiest to measure the mat when it is still attached to the trampoline. Then count the number of rings that attach to the spring. If you order with these two pieces of information, you can be more sure that you will get the correct and compatible part. If your trampoline mat gets wet, do not use the trampoline until it has been properly dried off. It is best to dry off the trampoline before the sun hits avoiding enhanced UV damage. You can keep all your trampoline parts in top shape by maintaining it well to ensure safety and fun for all users.

Stay with the basics. Pick a trampoline that follows the most common time tested functionality. Keep in mind that trampolines with enclosure poles that go through the frame cannot use universal pads and must use special pads. This can increase the cost of your ownership during the trampoline's lifetime.

Keep in mind that you will have to replace parts on the trampoline every now and then. You must keep it well maintained to help guarantee maximum safety for the jumper. Keep your trampoline well maintained and jumpers will jump more often and safely.

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