September 8, 2010

Trampoline Safety Pads by Trampoline Pro Shop

One of the most important trampoline accessories to install on your jumping platform is the trampoline pad. In case you're fairly new to the world of trampoline parts, you should know that the frame foundation of the typical trampoline is made up of heavy gauge steel tubing. This material is chosen for its durability and resistance to weather erosion, but it's probably one of the most unforgiving materials to fall on if you're jumping five or six feet up in the air on a trampoline platform.
Trampoline Pads are installed to act as a cushion that will protect body parts from coming into direct contact with this tough metal frame. In most cases, you can buy trampoline pads that will fit all sizes and shapes of trampolines, from circular to rectangular, but it's important to install the pads before any other accessory because they need to fit snugly around the top frame bars. Trampoline pads can also be purchased to cover the gap between the trampoline mat and the springs as well, which prevents limbs from slipping down into this crack, or little fingers and toes from getting pinched in the big springs.
Even though they're meant to be used as protection, trampoline pads have to be maintained if they're going to last through many seasons of use. Make sure you choose pads that are made from highly weather resistant fabrics, and take care to give them a good washing any time you're cleaning the mat or frame of the trampoline. Keep in mind that to have a perfectly safe trampoline, you have to inspect the parts before every use. Springs can become bent or worn, even if they're covered up with a trampoline pad, and it's important that you don't jump on the platform when it's been damaged.
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