May 2, 2011

Trampoline Weather Covers by Trampoline Pro Shop

Have you recently invested in a full sized trampoline for your family? Trampolines are one of the best devices for combining fun and entertainment with cardiovascular exercise. Kids will spend hours jumping, flipping and twisting on a trampoline mat without even realizing that they're getting in their physical activity for the day! Adults too have become very fond of the trampoline as an exercise tool in the past few years, as it is one of the best low impact workouts for losing weight and strengthening core muscles. If you wonder how you ever got along without your trampoline, it's important to take steps to protect and maintain it.

One of the things that will take the worst toll on your trampoline if you store it outside is the sun. Just like with your skin, the UV rays of the sun can fade and weaken the trampoline net, which is the synthetic fabric netting that you jump on. It's important to inspect your trampoline before each use to make sure that your safety isn't jeopardized by holes, tears, or frays in the mat. If you leave your mat exposed to the sun for months at a time, it's likely that you'll start to see these damages after only a few seasons.

In order to protect your trampoline mat from the rays of the sun, it's important to purchase a trampoline cover for your structure. Before you start shopping around for trampoline accessories, it's important to take some accurate measurements of your structure. If you don't still have the original details about the height, width, and circumference (for round trampolines) of your equipment, it will be necessary to take them yourself. Make sure you work with a helper so that your measurements will be exact. Trampoline Pro Shop offers the best trampoline covers for tour trampolines, never waste your money on a trampoline cover that only says it is weather "resistant." Save your money and invest in a top of the line cover that is weather proof and will protect your mat from the sun. It's also important to consider any additional accessories that you might have installed on the trampoline for safe jumping.

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Unknown said...

Trampoline activities can be a lot of fun for the family and a good form of exercise if accompanied by adequate levels of safety measures and accessories. There are several types of trampoline accessories available on the market, based on size, the type of safety provided, and other uses such as protection from elements etc.


A trampoline enclosure, also known as bounce arena, is the most popular safety device used today. It is specifically designed to prevent falling when jumping on a trampoline. Enclosures for trampolines should always be used when the trampoline is placed near objects such as trees, fences or patios. There are two main types of trampoline enclosures - those constructed with the netting on the inner side of the trampoline padding and those having the netting on the outer side.
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signature321 said...

8ft trampoline is made for easy jumping moves with only 1 jumper at once. Children will probably think that because they're smaller they can accommodate an additional jumper or two, but it is not the way it might be. They can also be tempted to test out flips and other acrobatic techniques that will actually only be carried out by those with proper training to accomplish these things.

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In this days many doctor give advice for exercise to keep body fit and there are many products available by which people can keep fit their body. Trampoline is the best product for workout.

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Bob P said...

I just love trampolines. Its make me so much fun always.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for this I've been looking for more entertainment at my house I think this sounds great! I've been hoping to get trampoline.

Unknown said...

If your trampoline mats is worn out, you can custom order a replacement trampoline mats from sites like
The information you'll need to provide to them is a measurement of the diameter of your trampoline,
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Apnabuilder said...

It is specifically designed to prevent falling when jumping on a trampoline. Enclosures for trampolines should always be used when the trampoline is placed near objects such as trees, fences or patios. trampolines

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