November 10, 2010

Trampoline Covers and Accessories

In order to protect your trampoline mat from the rays of the sun, it's important to purchase a trampoline cover for your structure. Before you start shopping around for trampoline accessories, it's important to take some accurate measurements of your structure. If you don't still have the original details about the height, width, and circumference (for round trampolines) of your equipment, it will be necessary to take them yourself. Make sure you work with a helper so that your measurements will be exact.

Once you've got the correct size information for your trampoline cover, it's time to start comparing brands and features. Never waste your money on a trampoline cover that only says it is weather "resistant." Save your money and invest in a top of the line cover that is weather proof and will protect your mat from the sun. It's also important to consider any additional accessories that you might have installed on the trampoline. Not all covers are designed to be compatible with trampoline enclosures or nets. It's important that you ask questions about the brand of cover that you're considering, and make sure that it will make it easier to protect your trampoline, not harder.

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