September 4, 2007

Add much Safety to your Fun with Trampoline Pads

Standard Trampoline Pads: Standard trampoline pads are 12-inches wide and sit atop the frame and springs. While most trampoline pads protect springs with only 1/4" of foam, our Standard trampoline pads use a full inch for superior protection.

Budget Trampoline PadsMaster trampoline pads cover both frame and springs with an extra-wide plank of 1-inch thick foam for maximum protection. The Master trampoline pads are 15-inches wide and overlap the edge of the black mat, leaving no protection gap.
Hedstrom Trampoline Pads: Hedstrom trampoline pads are recommended only for most cost conscious customers and are available only for Hedstrom and NBF trampolines. The cover of this safety pads is 11-inches wide and contains 1-inch thick foam over the frame. These pads are covered with a 100-gram polyethylene shell.
Rectangular Trampoline Mat: Rectangular trampoline pad is a full pad, rectangular trampoline pads contain a 1-inch thick plank of closed-cell polyethylene foam that will not absorb water, mildew or lose shape. Rectangular trampoline pad is covered with heavy PVC vinyl that has the properties of premium 22-ounce vinyl. The pad comes reversible so you can prolong its life by rotating the pad annually. The pad can be attached with bungee cords for resilience and strength.
Trampoline Pro Shop, the quality trampoline manufacturing company deals in all the above mentioned pads, thereby giving the best possible safety pads to the trampoline freaks,and make them feel safer and hence give them much Fun.
For more information please visit Trampoline Pro Shop.

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