January 20, 2011

Trampoline Replacement Parts and Accessories

Replacing parts on trampolines is fairly easy if you have the correct measurements to the items that need to be replaced. It is also important to know the exact model of the trampoline and the maker. Be sure you have inspected the trampoline before you set out to order the needed parts. You can usually locate the information on the frame of the trampoline.

If you are replacing a trampoline mat you will need the exact measurements to the mat you want to replace. Trampoline provides you the easiest way that explains exactly how to take the measurements. It is critical you read the instructions very carefully so you get the correct numbers that are needed. If you are replacing springs it is critical to get the information of the exact type of springs needed since they tend to vary from one model to the next.

Trampoline covers tend to need replacing long before mats and springs do. This is due to the weather being harsh on covers. Water is also another factor that will wear out a trampoline cover quite quickly as the water causes them to deteriorate.

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