January 27, 2011

Fully Enclosing Trampoline Safety Nets by Trampoline Pro Shop

A trampoline safety net can certainly be the best investment when it comes to trampoline safety and your child. There are big amounts of accidents that are caused by falling off a trampoline while jumping. These could have been avoided if the owners had a enclosure net in place. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has reported that 80% of injuries needing hospital treatment are a result of falling off a trampoline, which could have been prevented by having an enclosure net in place. And that is only accidents that were significant enough for a visit to casualty, there were undoubtedly many others which occurred that did not need medical attention but caused some distress both to children and their families.

A Trampoline Safety Net certainly adds to the safety measures of your backyard apparatus. If you don't already have a trampoline with safety enclosure, because the one you bought didn't have that option, you didn't think you needed it or a safety enclosure wasn't standard then. Don't get worried, you can still get one. And you don't have to hunt around to get an enclosure for your kind of trampoline - you just need to make sure that you size it right depending on whether you need 12ft, 13ft or 14ft circular safety net enclosures.

Injuries are more likely when more than one jumper is there, and for the person who weighs less is likely to suffer more. They are 5 times more likely to be injured because they can be easily bounced off the mat. So, instead of putting all your energy into trying to lay a rule that won't work, why not just put up a safety enclosure and know that whatever happen they and their friends won't be able to bouncing off from the trampoline.

The best trampoline enclosure should be least on adjustments to your existing frame, should have a quality safety netting (durable, weather proof and quality stitching) with strong galvanized support poles and foam padding on all support poles and most importantly it should be able to accommodate a 300 lb jumper (in case an adult gets the bouncing bug!).
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